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How it began...

Hello, and thank you for visiting Intimate Wedding Solutions! My name is Derrick Willis, and I have been a Michigan wedding officiant since 2007. I never knew this would become a small business that I would enjoy so much! My first ceremony was for close friends, and I absolutely fell in love with the process. They were looking for someone who was well-spoken and comfortable speaking to a large group. My goal is to help couples achieve their unique vision on their special day. My years of experience will assist you in achieving your perfect ceremony. I'll help to ensure  all details are addressed, and greatly simplify the process for you and your spouse. 


The Process

After confirming availability via email, I typically schedule a short phone call or Zoom to answer any initial questions couples may have. This also gives me a chance to learn more about your big day, and how I can support your unique vision. If all goes well and we decide it's a good fit, we'll schedule a more personal meeting to discuss the details of your day. This personal time is very casual and I ask questions about how you met, your time together, fun adventures, and everything that will help me craft the perfectly-personalized ceremony! Of course, every couple and every wedding is unique, so I make it a point to stay flexible with my process. 

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